Walk In Showers


Walk in showers or level access showers offer the ultimate showering experience. Ideal for those who would prefer level access showers whether that is due to a busy lifestyle or for those that have mobility issues. Perhaps a member of the family has mobility issues and you want a shower that is suitable for all family members but doesn’t compromise on style.

Many of our walk in shower designs can be customised to meet your exact needs with the many bathing aids we have available.  And with the clever design and technology of walk in showers today they can be fitted and installed with minimal disruption.

Walk In Shower Features

  • Large range of enclosure sizes
  • Low level entry
  • Fit in the same space as your old bath
  • Thermostat drench shower
  • Shower seats and grab rails for added safety
  • Wet wall panels, no need to re tile
Walk In Showers

Walk In Showers From Our Portfolio


The stylish Abbeydale walk in shower enclosure gives a contemporary look to your bathroom with no compromise on safety with its low level shower tray.


Large bath size shower enclosure gives extra space with separate shower area to drying area.



For bathrooms with limited space and of all shapes and sizes, the versatile Peakdale shower enclosure is the perfect choice.


The P Shaped shower area gives this shower enclosure gives exceptional freedom of movement within the shower area.


With an extra large door, the Westdale walk in shower gives peace of mind for safe showering. Add a padded shower seat and grab rails for extra safety.

Not see the shower enclosure you are looking for?

Bespoke Walk In Shower enclosures are available on request.

Please call free on 0800 141 2541 for more information.

Benifits Of Walk In Showers


The benifits of a walk in shower are wide and also diverse. While they're an incredible addition to any bathroom likely to be used by anyone encountering mobility difficulties, this is not their exclusive purpose.

In contrast to alternative products that work solely as disability aids with all the cumbersome and clumsy style and design which comes along with them, walk in showers present a simple, trendy and modern appearance, while being incredibly safe and easy to use.

Walk in showers differ from regular shower enclosures due to the ultra low step, allowing the user easier and safer access. Low level access reduces the risk of tripping.

Why Install A Walk In Shower


Walk in showers are an ideal option for elderly people or people who are struggling with their current bathroom due to mobility issues. Climbing into a bath can be a challenging or perhaps impossible problem, along with the dangers of slipping on a wet and soapy floor.

Our specially designed range of walk in shower enclosures are incredibly safe to use.

More Room To Wash With A Walk In Shower Enclosure


The accessibility of a walk in shower enclosure is not the only advantage. The added space which this style of shower enclosure provides is something all users will benefit from. With a larger portion of the floor space more usable, compared to a regular shower or shower bath, the freedom of movement that the added space allows, makes for an incredibly easy and safe experience.

Shower Safety


All of our walk in shower enclosure can be installed with the following safety measure:


Shower seat: By adding a shower seat to create a sit down shower, the user has the choice to sit when showering for added safety.

Grab rails: Add grab rails for piece of mind when showering and to secure yourself when walking in and out of the shower enclosure.

Thermostat shower controls: Keep the water at your desired temperature with our stylish range of shower units. 

Separate drying area: Create a separate drying area to where you shower with one of our larger shower enclosures, such as the Abbeydale walk in shower.

Low level access: With a low level step, all of our walk in showers have the lowest step available to provide safe and easy access.

Wet wall panels: Easy clean wet wall panels are ideal to reduce the amount of cleaning required compared to tiles. Simply wipe clean to maintain and keep looking like new.

Anti slip flooring: By adding anti slip flooring, safety when walking around the room is greatly improved, even when the floor is wet.



At Alba Bathrooms, we understand that many of our customers have many requirements in terms of mobility. We are able to make various alterations and can install a wide range of disability supports to ensure your new walk in shower is as easy and safe to use a possible can be.

All installations are carried out to the highest possible standards. We will also keep disruption to a bare minimum and make sure the process is efficient, reducing the disruption to your home low. 



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